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Complete Home Inspections starting at $300.00

Informative Home Inspections offers informative, detailed, and educational inspections that include a narrative report illustrated with photographs. Although I offer Complete Inspections starting as low as $300.00 for 1 bed, 1 bath Manufactured Homes, Town Homes, and Condos, a Complete Home Inspection for an average (3 bed, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 bath, full basement, attached or detached garage) single family home will run around $450.00. A very large home with very grand amenities could easily run over $1000.00 Give me an address and a few details about the home in question and I'll give you my price to perform a Complete Home Inspection on that home.

A Complete Home Inspection on an average home can take 2 to 2 1/2 or even 3 hours at the house depending on the size, age, amenities, and the number of questions asked during or after the inspection. I deliver the completed inspection report within 2 days after the inspection.

Generally, I do not like to rush inspections and instead welcome the customer to follow along and ask as many questions as they can think of. This is a great opportunity for the customer to learn more about the house. There is No Rush and no question is a bad question.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, Informative Home Inspections gives you peace of mind knowing you have the information you need.

Radon Levels Testing - $150.00 with Home Inspection

Informative Home Inspections offers state of the art Radon Levels Testing and can start a Radon Levels Test the same day as the Home Inspection if the customer requests it. As a Radon Measurement Technician (NJ Cert. # MET13131) I can perform a Radon Levels Test with or without a Home Inspection. A Radon Test is very straight forward. A sampling devise is placed in the home under closed house conditions, retrieved 48 hrs later, rushed to a lab, and the results are delivered to the customer a couple of days later. If you need a Radon Levels Test only, I charge $175.00 for the stand alone service.

Termite Inspections - $125.00 with Home Inspection

In the State of NJ there is some confusion about inspecting for termites, treating for termites, and what is required and what is not required during a Home Inspection for a real estate transaction.

Under NJ State law all Licensed Home Inspectors are required during an inspection to probe and report their findings. What this means is if they find damage to the wooden structure of a house, whether due to termites, carpenter ants, bees, beetles, or fungi, they should only report that it is damaged and should be further evaluated by a professional contractor and repaired or replaced as necessary. Only if the inspector has a valid NJ Pesticide Applicators License are they qualified to report on what caused the damage and recommend treatment for a specific type of pest along with their recommendation for the damage to be further evaluated by a professional contractor and repaired or replaced as necessary.

Your mortgage lender may require that a termite inspection be performed on the house you are buying. If the Buyer is applying for a FHA loan or any HUD/VA Guaranteed Property Transaction then the buyer needs to hire a NJ Licensed Pesticide Applicator to perform an inspection and fill out a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report (Form NPMA-33). Additionally, many commercial mortgage lenders / banks are requiring this Form NPMA-33 before they will give you a mortgage. Ask your lender if it is a requirement for your loan. Also, make sure your inspector has the required license to legally fill out this Form NPMA-33.

• Termite Inspections
• Performed the same day as the Home Inspection

As a NJ Licensed Pesticide Applicator (DEP-NJ LIC. # 56839B) with all the training and licensing required I can perform a Termite Inspection of your home at the same time as your Home Inspection. I charge $125.00 for this inspection along with the completed Form NPMA-33 when it is performed the same day as I perform the Home Inspection. If you already have a Home Inspector and would like to hire me to perform a Termite Inspection only, I charge $200.00 for the stand alone service. The same applies to a home owner or home seller that wants to hire me for a Termite Inspection only.

I do not offer Pesticide Treatment Services and I do not offer warranties, so I have absolutely no incentive to sell you a Pesticide Treatment that you may not need. Exterminating companies cannot offer warranties either unless they sell you a pesticide treatment. What I can do, is perform a thorough and honest inspection and when and only if I find evidence of Termites or other Wood Destroying Insects recommend that you hire an exterminating company to treat your property.

A thorough and honest Termite Inspection is well worth the peace of mind.

Standards of Practice

I will perform the inspection in compliance with The State of New Jersey’s Standards of Practice for home inspectors (NJ ADC 13:40-15.16) found here as well as the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), as applicable to NJ State Laws, found here .

My job is to evaluate the home on the day of the inspection and report my findings good or bad. I do not allow outside interests to influence my Inspections or my Inspection Reports. I work for you (the customer) and will give you a complete and accurate assessment of the house in question at the time of my inspection.