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Hi George, I am writing to let you know that I was very happy with your professional service. From my initial call to the end of the inspection, you have provided an outstanding service. You were right on time to the appointment to the providing the report. I will always recommend others to you and your company Informative Home Inspection is great to work with.

Thank you.
Mr. Khan


Hi George- I had been meaning to contact you for months and the time just kept getting away from me! In any case, wanted to thank you so much for the thorough and knowledgeable report. It is very helpful and we find ourselves referring back to it frequently as we get settled. We will not hesitate to refer you to friends and family in the future! Hope all is well and that you and your family have a happy thanksgiving.

Theresa and Rick Hornby


HI George! Thank you so much. Your report is greatly presented and thorough. We are really learning alot and are so grateful for the time you spent with us. We can't thank you enough! It was a pleasure working with you. I will be reviewing it with Eddie when he gets home and if we have any questions we will definitely ask them. You made this process less frightening and we are so appreciative.

Again, Thank you so much,
Alysia and Eddie.


Thanks for everything! You did a great job and I'll be sure to recommend my friends and family to you.

Sandrae Ellis


I would just like to say that George Pierce went above and beyond on my home inspection.The average home inspection takes about an hour and a half to two hours. Mr. Peirce took 4 hours to do my home inspection. He did this not only because he's a thorough home inspector but because he knew that I was a single mother of two and it was my first time buying a house, he was very patient and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend him.

Hope this helped. Have a great summer!

Larissa Dawson


George Peirce of Informative Home Inspections was very punctual, professional and thorough. George always responded politely to e-mails and explained every question. He even showed me some tricks I can do after the inspection on some small items so that I can save money on hiring a contractor. The inspection report was very clear and had nice diagrams. The best part was the photography. George really captured the light well and enriched the report with the pictures. Finally, George has a great sense of humor and is very knowledgeable in a lot of different topics, so you never know what you will learn.

Sandro Lemberg


No problem George. You were a huge help, and thank you for everything:

George gave us a great home inspection, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone that was looking for an inspector. He was very thorough during the process, and gave a very detailed report promptly afterwards. As first time home buyers, he was very helpful by answering whatever questions we had, and explaining his process as he went on. We felt very happy and safe with our home purchase after working with George, and will look to him again in the future if need be.

Matt and Alyssa


-After searching for inspectors for a few weeks we came across George. He had excellent background and the certificated to show it. Very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. You took your time inspecting the entire property. You answered all my emails & phone calls in a timely manner. You showed up to the inspection on time and prepared. The report was very detailed and helped us know any issues with the property. We highly recommend your services to anyone looking to have a home inspection done.

We thank you George for being a part of our journey.

Denisse and Philip DiCristina



Good afternoon, Please find below a review of your services rendered:

"This was my wife and I first time buying a home and were nervous considering so much needed to be done and really were unsure of the process completely. When it comes to home inspections, rest assured this is one concern that can be taken off the list if you hire George Peirce with Informative Home Inspections. Our realtor gave us recommendations along with family for hiring other inspectors; however I decided to do my research. I realized this is the one step in the home buying process that should not be overlooked. George from the very beginning placed us at ease by explaining to us that this won't be a fast job and that he will require several hours to thoroughly inspect all corners of the home. Furthermore, he welcomed and insisted we join him during his inspection, so he may explain in detail everything he sees good and bad. George didn't cut short, in addition to the fantastic service he tagged all our utilities so they can be easily found later on. Lastly, George backs up his inspection welcoming you to contact him 24/7 down the road, whether it is months or years to go over anything in the home. Sometimes it is hard to find good and friendly service these days; we are very lucky in choosing George and Informative Home Inspections."

The above is the truth, we couldn't be happier with your inspection. Hope all is well!

God Bless,
Ayad and Lejla Shuaib


Hi George,

Thank you for requesting a feedback. First and formost I want to say thank you. Unfortunately, I did not close on the property; I found a new opportunity in New York. Please see below for your review.

"As a first time home buyer, I knew little to nothing about details surrounding Home Inspections and the aspects of it. I contacted George and he assisted me from every aspects. He provided detailed information, answered all my questions, and there was a certain level of trust as I felt George was working in my best interest. During the inspection, he provided me advice, knowledge, and went over and beyond to cover each inch of the house. I would recommend George to anyone who is interested in buying a home. He is very patient, punctual, and professional. When the inspection was complete, George provided me a detailed review of the inspection for my records. The report contained images, red flags, markers, just an overall informative report on the inspection, step by step. I am more than happy that I made the decision to contact George to inspect the home I was interested in. I look forward to contacting him again as I continue property investments."

Thanks George!
Reggie Dumont


I'd like to say Thank You for the time you took and the care you showed while you were doing our Home Inspection. I felt that you were very thorough and I'm grateful for the time you spent explaining what you were looking at and why you were looking at it. Your report on what you were finding, both good and bad was very clear and easy to understand. I feel even better about my choice to purchase this home based on your report. You're welcome to visit anytime you're in the area.
Best wishes
Brian Henry
Lake Hiawatha


George was punctual and professional. He conveyed the findings in a
very accessible format, complete with excellent images and
knowledgeable guidance for remediation and improvements. He was on
time, receptive to all questions, and followed up after the report
release. Pleasure to work with such a nice, trustworthy person. Thank

Fair Lawn, NJ


As a home inspector George Peirce is as good as it gets. He is dependable, upright, experienced, and efficient. More than anything I appreciate George’s approach. He reveals problem areas/potential issues in a very simple, edifying way and gives much needed guidance to the homebuyer at the height of the home buying process. I think of George as a trusted inspector and would recommend him without hesitation.

Paul Sassu
Dumont, NJ